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International orders
We regularly ship all over the world including Europe, Japan, Australia, and South America. Air mail postage is around $75 for a basic timer depending on your location and the level of service you require. Exact postage charges cannot be determined until an order is complete and weighed. Email us if you have questions.


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MicroSet Models

Foreign orders: MicroSet includes an AC adaptor for use in the United States. We can substitute a "universal" AC adaptor that works on 110 or 240 volts, 50 or 60 cycles. It comes with four different plug types.

Optional features
These extra-cost options add functionality to the MicroSet. Some of these options can be ordered as "do-it-yourself" to add to a timer you already own, to avoid sending the timer back to me. Do-it-yourself upgrades may require drilling new holes in the case and soldering to the circuit board.
  To hear an amplified sound of the tick.
  To display a graphical plot of the component sounds of a watch tick. Requires the Windows interface software.
  To find the CORRECT rate for any running clock.
  To capture clock rate data while you are away from a computer. Requires the Windows interface software.
  Add a temperature sensor to measure temperature changes with clock rate. Requires the Windows interface software.
  Add a sensor to measure precision temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure. Requires the Windows interface software.
  A temperature compensated crystal timebase that will measure more accurately and is immune to temperature changes, so you can measure temperature effects on the clock.
  A GPS module that plugs into MicroSet and allows ultimate precision for clocks with a one second or half second pendulum. Requires the Windows interface software.

Windows Interface Software
The Windows Interface Software allows you to plot graphs of clock data on your Windows computer. For a complete description, see the Interface Software page. Note that MicroSet is a "serial" device and not a USB device. Modern computers generally don't have serial ports anymore, so you will probably need to use a USB to serial adaptor, which you can get from us if you need one.

MicroSet Accessories
These accessories are available to support your clock and watch timing with MicroSet. Descriptions can be found on the Accessories page.
  This is a replacement for the standard acoustic sensor.
  This is a replacement for the standard optical sensor.
  An optical sensor using a fast fiber optic detector and Schmitt trigger.
  As above, but with a cable that exits parallel to the wall instead of perpendicular.
  A standard optical sensor on a clamp for the side wall of tall clocks.
  Just the clamp for your own sensor.
  A single-ended optical sensor that will see a pendulum about 1/4" in front of it.
  A sensor that will trigger on a small magnet. One of these is included with the Rate Finder.
  An acoustic sensor in the shape of a flat disk, with no alligator clip.
  An acoustic sensor for pocket watches or loud wrist watches.
  An electronic sensor for tuning fork or analog quartz watches (with hands).
  An optical sensor to measure uninstalled hairspring oscillations.
  A laser beam sensor for special situations.

MicroSet Upgrades
To get the revision date and codes, hold down the PLUS button as you turn on MicroSet.
  Example: 05-29-01 sx
  You plug in a new program chip.
  Includes a new instruction book. You plug in a new program chip.
  You return the timer for this upgrade.
  You return the timer for this upgrade.
  Includes parts and instructions.
  Includes parts and instructions.
  Includes parts and instructions.

  Specify clock type in the comments below.


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