Data Capture Memory

MicroSet may be ordered with a Data Capture memory. This consists of memory chip within the timer that will capture and store readings while you are away from a personal computer. Then, after you return to your computer, you can “dump” the captured data into the Windows Interface Software (version 2 or 3 is required) for examination and analysis.

The Data Capture Memory can store up to 8,000 samples, and you may configure it to store every reading or only one of every several readings. For example, you can capture the results of a 30 beat average of a one second pendulum for 2.8 days. Or you could capture every tenth sample for a month. You can capture every tick of a pocket watch for 27 minutes.

Uses for the Data Capture Memory include measuring clocks that aren’t near your personal computer or clocks and watches you might like to evaluate at other locations. For example, you could capture every tick of a watch that’s for sale, come home, dump the data into your computer, and display a Paper Tape Simulation of that watch’s performance.