These links describe a variety of horological tools, original precision pendulum clocks, and experiments with clocks and timekeeping.

MicroSet Clock and Watch Timer
An electronic tool for measuring and studying clocks and watches

Original Electromagnetic Clocks
Custom clocks in fine wooden cases

Sidereal Clock
A clock that keeps star time

Year Clock
A clock with one hand that takes a year to go around

See How Two Clocks Interact With Each Other
Two nearby pendulums will affect each other

How accurate is 60 cycle house current?
Measuring the accuracy of AC line poweredclocks

See the effect of an earthquake on a clock
The Hector Mine earthquake affected clocks from California to New Jersey

Observations of the Eureka battery clock
An analysis of the rate and a way to improve it

The Santa Barbara Courthouse Clock

The Horological Animations of John Redfern