The Frog Planter

The Frog Planter is a hand crafted accessory for the home which brings the ambiance of outdoors into your living room. It is an attractive wooden cabinet designed to hold a 6″ potted plant. Concealed in the bottom of the planter box is a small, battery-operated circuit which reproduces the digitally recorded sounds of outdoor creatures at random intervals throughout the day and night. A light sensor is used to determine which sounds are appropriate at any given moment.

During the daytime the call of a Pacific Tree Frog is heard. After dark you might hear a soft cricket chirp or the call of a pond frog. In all cases, the Frog Planter will make its periodic sounds for about 20 minutes and then fall silent for nearly an hour. Then, it will “wake up” again and make its periodic sounds. The creature sounds are reproduced from high fidelity recordings and are very convincing. Guests are invariably fooled and look for the real creatures. A volume control is provided so you can set the loudness to a level that is appropriate for your setting. A digital “insecticide” can be used to eliminate cricket sounds if desired.

The Frog Planter cabinet is made from redwood with details in birch and walnut.

The Frog Planter is an original invention. The woodwork, electronic design, sound recordings and software are the exclusive work of Bryan Mumford. The concept for the Frog Planter originally came from the Frog Rock , which is too time consuming to make for sale.

The Frog Planter is no longer made for sale.