Using an old watch holder with MicroSet


The sensor elements used in older watch holders cannot be used with MicroSet. But you can remove the old sensor and replace it with a MicroSet sensor that you get from us. You'll also have to change the cable to plug into MicroSet. The sensor will no longer work with the original watch timer, but the old sensors are often no good anyway.

We have specific instructions for this and a kit of parts, available on the order form. The kit contains two sensor elements (in case you break one) and a new cable for the old sensor.

Here is an old WatchMaster holder that's been adapted to use with MicroSet. The sensor is housed in an aluminum can at the bottom of the watch holder. The old sensor element was glued in place. We broke it out, cleaned the contacts, and soldered in a new element. We also ran a new cable through the sensor.

A modified sensor like this may not work as well as our clamping watch sensor. We just don't know. We have confidence in our own sensor.


Here's a typical old Vibrograf watch holder. These can be treated the same way. Shown below is the inside of this holder with a MicroSet sensor trimmed to fit, and screwed to the old holder.