The Flow Chart

In the flow chart below, each MicroSet operation is represented by a colored box. The colors indicate which timer has that function. MicroSet 2 has all of the orange commands. MicroSet 3 adds all red commands. The green boxes are extra cost options.

For example, MicroSet 2 starts in the Time Mode. You can use the PLUS and MINUS keys to set the number of beats to measure, and then press BEGIN. MicroSet will then show you the rate of the clock.

The top row of boxes show the major functions built into in each timer, which you get to by pressing the MODE key. In MicroSet 2 these are Time Mode,  Beat Error ModeStrike Mode, and Count Mode. MicroSet 3 adds the Accutron and Tick Mode. The Rate Finder, in green, can be added to either timer.

Within the Time Mode there are several options that extend the capabilities of MicroSet. For example, in MicroSet 3, you can display a running average of the rate, show the rate as seconds of error per day, or drive a paper tape printer. In either model you can add the optional speaker (built-in beat amplifier) or Data Capture Memory.