Performance of Experimental Clock EM1

2 D Delay map for the data from Bryan Mumford's EM1 clock.
Reference Chapter 5 of Chaos Under Control by D. Peak & M. Frame:
"In Brownian motion, position at one instant is almost the same as position at the next instant. The entries in a time series with Brownian motion change only gradually. A delay plot of Brownian noise consists of points whose horizontal and vertical coordinates are nearly identical - that is, of points closely clustered along the Xn+1 = Xn diagonal."

ChartObject Bryan Mumford's EM Clock data for 81 days  2D Delay Map (x, x+1 plotted as x,y pairs) Result is indictive of a "Brownian noise time series"

ChartObject Histogram for Bryan Mumford's EM clock data

Last Updated on 11/28/98
By Bob Holmstrom