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The Time Machine

    The Time Machine, $325
         A universal controller for digital photography.
         Includes the Time Machine, 9 volt battery, AC adaptor, and instructions.
         Can be used with sensors, ballistics, time lapse, water drops and splashes.

   Electroluminescent backlight on the LCD screen
        So you can see it in a dark studio. This backlight draws very little power,
        allowing the Time Machine to run on a 9 volt battery, $50

Foreign orders: We can supply a "universal" AC adaptor that works on 100 to 240 volts, 50 or 60 cycles. It comes with four different plug types.
    Universal AC adpator, $10

Water Drops

To shoot water drops you need to order the following items:

  • The Time Machine (see above).
  • The Drip Kit (see below).
  • A Time Machine cable for your camera (see "Camera cables" below)
  • Cables to connect your off-camera flash to the female PC jack of the Time Machine.

If your flashes have no sync jack, you can use a hot shoe adaptor to add one.
If you want to use more than one flash, you need the sync jack splitter to plug them into.
If you have questions, call or send us an email.

Here are some standard packages for water drop photography:

    Original Drip Kit with the Time Machine, $475
         The easy way to get started with water drop photography.
         You also need a cable for each flash you want to use, and a shutter cable for your camera.

    Single valve Drip Kit with a separate water valve, and the Time Machine, $510
         The water valve is not attached to the bottle, so you can riase or lower the bottle.
         The valve is an improved "industrial" type.
         You also need a cable for each flash you want to use, and a shutter cable for your camera.

If you already have a Time Machine, you can buy just the Drip Kit and a firmware chip to add the Drop Mode to your Time Machine.

    Original Drip Kit: $150
         You also need a cable for each flash you want to use, and a shutter cable for your camera.

    Update firmware chip for an early Time Machine: $15
          Note: This is needed ONLY if you already have an older Time Machine and want to add the Drip Kit.
          The chip is in a socket and easy to replace.

Input sensors

These sensors are used with the Time Machine to trigger exposures from events ... things that move or make sound, either mechanical, wildlife, or your own pets and friends!

    Microphone sensor, $35
    Clip-on acoustic/vibration sensor, $35
    Flat disk acoustic/vibration sensor, $40
    Optical interrupter, $35
    Reflective optical sensor, $35
    Fast photo diode detector, $35
    Time lapse light sensor, $35
    Magnetic sensor, $35
    24 hour time lapse timer, $65
    Laser sensor, $150
    Laser sensor for crossed beam use, $175
         (This sensor is used as half of a pair and requires a regular laser sensor too.)
    IR beam sensor, $135
    Long Range IR beam sensor, $150
         (Has a toggle switch to select low power (~15 feet) or high power (>50 feet) range with reflector.)
    Motion detector (Passive IR), $55
    Ballistic sensor, $150
    20 foot extension cord for optical sensors, $20

Camera cables

   These cables plug into the Time Machine at one end and into your camera at the other.

    Shutter release cables for Nikon D1, D2, D3, D200, D300, D700, D800 etc. (Nikon 10-pin connector)
        Imported cable, $25
        Made from Nikon MC-30, $50
   Shutter release cable for Nikon D80 and D70s (made from Nikon cable MC-DC1), $45
   Shutter release cable for Nikon D90, D5000, D7000, D3100 etc. (made from Nikon cable MC-DC2), $25

    Shutter release cables for Canon EOS 5D, 7D, 40D, 50D, etc. (Canon 3-pin EOS connector)
       Imported cable, $25
       Made from Canon RS80-N3, $65
   Shutter release cable for Canon 60D, Digital Rebel 300D, 350D, 400D, 450D, 500D, 550D, 1000D, etc.
        (Canon cable RS-60E3), $25
   Shutter release cable for Canon G10, G11 (Canon cable RS-60E3), $25

   Shutter release cable for Olympus E3, E1, E-10/E20 etc (Olympus cable RM-CB1), $85
   Shutter release cable for Olympus Evolt E-410, E-510 (Olympus cable RM-UC1), $85
   Shutter release cable for Contax 645, $65
   Shutter release cable for Sony DSC-F707 digital camera, $65
   Shutter release cable for Sony DSC-F828, V3, R1, etc. digital cameras, $65
   Shutter release cable for Sony Alpha series (Sony cable RM-S1AM), $45
   Shutter release cable for Panasonic G10 etc. (DMW-RSL1), $55
   Shutter release cable for Pentax K100D etc., $25
   Shutter jack cable for Pocket Wizard, $20

    Twenty foot extension cord for shutter cables, $20
    Relay box for two simultaneous shutter cables, $65

IR remotes

   For mostly older cameras that have no wired remote shutter cable.

   IR remote emulator for Nikon D40, D50, D60, D70, D80, D3000, etc. (Nikon remote ML-L3), $45
   IR remote emulator for Canon G6, S60, etc. (Canon remote WL-DC100), $45
   IR remote emulator to trigger movie mode on Canon 7D, $45
   IR remote emulator for Olympus (Olympus remote RM-1/RM-2), $45
   IR remote emulator for Sony (Sony remote RMT-814 photo button), $45
   IR remote emulator for Sony (Sony remote RMT-DSC1 shutter button), $45
   IR remote emulator for Pentax Optio and K10D, K100D, etc. (Remote type "F"), $45
   IR remote emulator for JVC still images (RM-V750U), $45
   IR remote emulator for JVC movies (RM-V750U), $45



    Fabric carry bag for Time Machine, $12
    Small table-top tripod for laser sensor, IR beam sensor, or external flash, $13

   Flash cables
    Flash cord, PC male to PC male, $15
    Pocket Wizard cable for Time Machine flash jack, $20
    Sync jack splitter to run up to three flashes in parallel (PC male to three PC female), $18
    Hot shoe adaptor to add a PC female jack to a flash, $17

"Mumford Moco" motion control equipment

For motorized time lapse projects.

    Moco Time Machine, $395
        This version has special features for motorized time lapse projects.

    Standard rotary table 4" diameter for time lapse panning or programmed rotation, $795
        Includes a Sherline motor driver and a mounting plate drilled for your tripod.

    Enhanced rotary table 4" diameter for ramped time lapse panning, $1050
        Includes a Sherline motor driver and a mounting plate drilled for your tripod.

    Miniature rotary table 2-1/2" pan head for time lapse panning, $750
        Will do ramped panning
        Requires the Mumford Motor Driver below and a Moco Time Machine.

    Manfrotto 3025 camera head with spacer block and mounting rod for the top of a 4" rotary table, $75
    4 inch drive pulley for using a 4" rotary table with track and dolly, $20

    Mumford Motor Driver for use with the Moco Time Machine, monorail, and rotary tables, $295

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