Bryan Mumford
Crackpot Inventor

Mr. Mumford began his career in the 1970's by making a variety of stringed musical instruments. These included mountain dulcimers, hammered dulcimers, hummels, guitars, salterios, psalteries, santirs, and The Amazing Puny Tune Miniature Flute. His instruments were purchased by many professional musicians of the time, including Donovan, Joni Mitchell, and Paul Winter.

In 1978 Mr. Mumford purchased a personal computer and began to shift his focus to electronics and software. Mumford Micro Systems was formed to produce and distribute original software and hardware. Early products included utilities and development tools for the Radio Shack (TRS-80) computers. By the early 1980s Mumford Micro Systems had specialized in the interface between personal computers and pre-PostScript phototypesetters. Typesetter interface programs included PostCode, PS-Translator (distributed by Compugraphic Corporation), and Macintize.

In the 1990s Mumford Micro Systems began to produce a variety of original inventions for sale. These devices incorporate miniature microprocessors for sound effects, motion, measurement and control. Current products include the MicroSet Precision Clock Timer, the Time Machine, and CNC interfaces to machine tools.